A Quick Look at “Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology”

Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology

By David St. Lawrence


This book is about the real factors that influence your everyday life.

Once you understand what they are, your life will never be the same.

Do you ever catch yourself doing or saying
something that you instantly regret? Have you ever felt that you
don’t belong and there is no one who understands you? Have you ever
felt that all of the hard work and sacrifices you made have led you
to a dead end in life? Are you still looking for answers to these
questions and others?

You are not alone in feeling this way.

Hundreds of thousands of people in all walks of
life are constantly battling fears and anxieties and don’t know where
these feelings are coming from. By the time you finish this book, you
will know where these feelings originate and how to handle them.
Furthermore, you will either be able to do this by yourself or will
know where you can find someone to coach you through the simple steps
that will set you free from these mysterious fears and inhibitions

If you have been looking for answers, you may
have noticed that there are hundreds of different methodologies,
therapies and philosophies for dealing with feelings of depression,
disappointment, and even rage. These methods of treatment range from
drugs to prayer and spiritual practices of all kinds.

Almost all of them work after a fashion, but we
have discovered that most of them, after an initial period of
improvement, actually worsen the condition because they are using
methods of improvement that do not acknowledge or benefit the
spiritual beings who surround you.

All of us are surrounded by innumerable
spiritual beings who may aid us or interfere with us. Their behavior
is triggered by what we are doing and thinking. These spiritual
beings are the real factors which influence our daily lives.

People who do not know that they are surrounded
by spiritual beings think their success is due to their own heroic
efforts and perhaps some luck. They are often quite surprised to find
how much of their “good fortune” is aided by the action
of helpful spiritual beings.

They also have no idea that much of the “bad
luck” they experience is caused by troubled beings in their
vicinity. These beings have negative thoughts and emotions which
affect the person and the people he encounters.

There is nothing to believe when you read this
book. You only need a willingness to look at the examples and compare
them to what you know and have observed in life.

When you start reading this book, you will be
joining the millions of people all over the world who are learning
about, communicating with, and working with spiritual beings.

If you understand and apply what you read, your
life will never be the same.


Spiritual Rescue Technology is a way of teaching
yourself to recognize the effects of upset spiritual beings on your
life, and it equips you with the tools
necessary to restore them and yourself to a happy and fulfilling
existence. It also provides you with tools to assist the helpful
beings who are willing to work with you in achieving your objectives.

The term “spiritual beings” refers
to immortal spiritual entities of all kinds: spirit guides, demons,
ghosts, poltergeists, personal angels, and spiritual teammates. Their
different behaviors have caused them to be called by different names,
but they are all spiritual beings and can be addressed in the same
way, as you will see.

You locate spiritual beings that are affecting
your life negatively, handle any problems they may have, and set them
free or persuade them to work cooperatively with you.

You can do it on your own or with another person
to help you. A number of people have read this material and promptly
started using it on themselves, friends, and family with no support
from any established group.

It is different from many other spiritual
practices in that we recognize that spiritual beings are alive, they
are intelligent, many of them used to have bodies but don’t now, and
they have goals and purposes that may or may not be aligned with our

The secret of Spiritual Rescue Technology’s
success and ease of use is in understanding that caring communication
is essential in rescuing spiritual beings from the problems they can
be stuck in.

This is the whole secret of this technology: You
communicate in a caring way with spiritual beings, get them to let go
of incidents that are affecting them adversely, and set them free to
create new futures.


Many people are under the impression that they
are only a body and that there is nothing spiritual at all about
Life.  Others believe that they either “have a soul”
or that they are an immortal spirit possessing a body.

Regardless of these beliefs, most people feel
that all they have to do is get an education, get the right job, find
the perfect mate, work hard and—given a few breaks—success
and happiness will automatically follow.

This formula for “good fortune” in
life is true as far as it goes, but it doesn’t take into
account the spiritual beings who share your space and who are able to
influence and control you in ways that you could never imagine. For
one reason or another, these spiritual beings do not have bodies but
in spite of this, they are able to have a very definite impact on
your life. Until you are aware of their presence, you will never
understand why things just don’t seem to go the way you planned
or why you are so miserable.

Where do these beings come from and why are they
connected to us?

You are an immortal spiritual being and you
possess a body. If your body were to die, you would become a
disembodied spirit until you picked up another body. There are a lot
of reasons a being decides not to pick up another body and you will
learn them in this book. Usually, the being feels he has unfinished
business to take care of before starting a new life as a different

Being disembodied presents a problem because you
cannot communicate easily to your old friends and family. When people
find themselves in this situation, they often hang around family
members for a long time before picking up another body and getting
back in the game of life with a body. Others will follow people
around in an effort to help them or get even with them.

At any given moment, many of these disembodied
spiritual beings are following you around. Most of them want to
assist you in some way, and they do so with no prompting from you or
any acknowledgment from you.

They can give you warnings and can send you
perceptions of events far away. They can also get very grumpy or
fearful if you persist in doing things that annoy or frighten them.

Their fears and their negative emotions spring
from events they have experienced, and once these emotions are
activated or “restimulated”, you will perceive the
emotions and feelings as your own.

For example, you wish to go someplace you have
never been, perhaps on a tour of an historic place, and when you
arrive, you experience sudden feelings of disorientation or fear and
you cannot account for them. Or, you might visit a new friend’s
house for dinner and you experience incredible emotional upset and
nausea on meeting the person’s wife, who you have never seen before.

There is nothing you can spot from your personal
experiences that would account for these upsets, but once you realize
that these feelings are not your own but belong to spiritual
entities, everything will begin to make sense. The disorientation,
fear, upset, and nausea you are experiencing are not yours. These
emotions and physical reactions are being caused by a spiritual
entity whose past experiences are being triggered by what you have
just encountered.

You are being accompanied through life by beings
who can have unexpected reactions to the people and places you
encounter. As you continue to read through this book, you will find
explanations for things that may have puzzled you this entire
lifetime. By the time you finish this book, you should possess some
tools that will allow you to change your life in ways you never

If you wonder why you are being accompanied by
these disembodied spiritual entities, this may help you: spiritual
beings like to associate with beings who have bodies because people
with bodies are playing the game of Life. Beings without bodies are
restricted to being observers, but they can get upset at what is
happening, and their upset is felt by the person running the body.
What is often more unsettling is that these observers have opinions
and intentions of their own, and the person running the body can be
besieged with thoughts and recriminations that are not his own.

When you have a body, you are constantly making
decisions and if your spiritual observers are fretting and worrying
about what you are doing, you will have this constant mind chatter of
“This is a mistake!”, “That was stupid!”,
“Everybody is looking at me!” and so forth.

On the other hand, you can have spiritual beings
with an extreme interest in sexual activity, and they can be
constantly directing your attention to persons in your vicinity who
are sexually attractive. The person with these beings in his or her
space is always aware of potential sexual partners, and their
behavior reflects this constant distraction.

These spiritual beings have cravings which can
inspire desires in a person for sensation, or food, or for drugs
and/or liquor that are extremely difficult to resist. Yes, a person
can, by strength of will, resist these cravings, but the cravings
will never disappear without Spiritual Rescue Technology processing
because the spiritual beings have the cravings and these can be
triggered at any time.

Note that people in Alcoholics Anonymous or
other programs will give up drinking, drugs, etc., but the URGE is
still there and they feel they must avoid any exposure that will
trigger their cravings.

If you wish to act on your own volition and are
being stopped by feelings you cannot resist, handling the spiritual
beings responsible for stopping you will provide permanent relief in
a very few sessions.

Buy my book and find out how you can work with these spiritual
beings to bring about desirable changes in your life.


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