Your Life With Spiritual Rescue Technology

When you discover Spiritual Rescue Technology, you gain direct access to spiritual knowledge without the need for any intermediary. You will learn to perceive spirits and to communicate with them on a daily basis. Then you can learn to work with spirits and to recruit them to help you with your life and career.

This simple chart shows the steps we have discovered so far:

If you follow the steps as shown you will eventually experience the joy of living fearlessly. You can do the steps with an SRT counselor, but there is nothing stopping you from doing all of the steps on your own.

The route to fearless living can be traveled at your own pace and in your own way, but we have found that this is a route that is best traveled with supportive companions.

To stay connected to those who are using Spiritual Rescue Technology every day, we suggest you join the Spiritual Rescue Technology Discussion Group.


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